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No. 213


Department of Fisheries Western Australia




In its discussion paper (Fisheries Management Paper No.198), which was widely distributed and publicised, the Recreational Freshwater Fisheries Stakeholder Sub-Committee (RFFSS) of the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC) put forward a range of proposals for community discussion. These proposals were developed after an assessment of historic catch information and the consideration of scientific advice. The proposals also took into account the outcomes and recommendations of the previous review of the recreational marron fishery that was undertaken in 2002. The discussion paper attracted reasonable comment, with 78 written submissions being received from recreational fishers and other stakeholders. The RFFSS would like to thank those people and organisations that took the time to provide this valuable feedback. All recommendations contained in this final report were only made after detailed consideration of the issues that were raised in submissions, along with the action needed to be taken to protect the long-term sustainability of our marron stocks.

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Fishery management, Western Australia, Recreational fishing, Marron, Community participation


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