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no. 19


Fisheries Department Western Australia




The number of marron that may be caught each year without seriously jeopardising the long term future of fishery is limited. The situation deteriorated still further after another winter of low rainfall in 1987 and as the 1987-88 summer drew closer it became doubtful whether the State's marron stocks could withstand another season of hard fishing pressure. Thus, it was considered necessary to ban all fishing for marron during the 1987-88 season. This discussion paper has been prepared to help start the ball rolling in the right direction, and ensure any measures taken to safeguard the fishery are backed up by a full community understanding and support. the paper includes a brief description of the fishery's decline over recent years. It describes present management techniques and regulations and examines possible changes to these together with the likely results.

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Marron, Fishery management, Recreational fishing, Size limit regulations.


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