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In June 1987 under the Offshore Constitution Settlement (OCS), the Australian and West Australian State Governments completed the first stage of rationalising jurisdiction over a number of fisheries operating off the West Australian coast. Arrangements under the OCS for West Australian fisheries fall into three catagories: 1. fisheries managed by the State under State law as far seaward as the arrangement specifies. 2. fisheries managed by the West Australian Fisheries Joint Management Authority under State laws in waters were the arrangement applies. 3. fisheries managed by the Commonwealth under Commonwealth law in waters where the arrangement applies. Eleven of the 15 fisheries covered by OCS arrangements in W.A. are now managed exclusively under W.A. legislation by the W.A. Fisheries Department. The West Australian Fisheries Joint Management Authority, made up of the State and Federal Ministers responsible for fisheries, but with routine administration by the Australian Fisheries Service and the W.A. Fisheries Department, managers two fisheries which exploit southern shark stocks under State laws. The Commonwealth has complete jurisdiction for the remaining two fisheries: the northern prawn fishery and the tuna fishery.

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Fisheries management, Jurisdiction, Legislation, Offshore Constitutional Settlement, Western Australia, Commonwealth.


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