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Fisheries Department Western Australia




Freshwater aquaculture in Western Australia is a relatively new industry. The first serious attempts began in 1975 after the Government relaxed the regulations on marron to allow for its farming and sale (at the legal minimum size of 17 mm carapace length). Since 1975, marron have been the focus of most attempts at aquaculture although in recent years trout, yabbies, freshwater aquarium fish and a number of other fish species have received greater attention. In 1984 the Minister for Fisheries established the Fish Farming Legislative Review Committee to review and make recommendations on the fish farming provisions of the Fisheries Act. The Committee's report, which was distributed widely to the public in October 1986, contained a large number of recommendations, many of which were approved by the Government. In the case of many freshwater species e.g. trout and yabbies, licensing requirements are relatively simple. However, in order to protect the large and important sport fishery for marron from potential abuse, licensing requirements for this species are more complex and need to be studied carefully. It should be clearly understood that no freshwater organisms may be taken from the wild for farming purposes without the written permission of the Director of Fisheries.

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Aquaculture regulations, Freshwater aquaculture, Marron, Western Australia.


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Environmental Policy | Population Biology


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