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Department of Fisheries Western Australia




This report is the first in a series of Integrated Fisheries Management (IFM) reports required under the 2004 Government Policy on IFM. Under this policy, the Executive Director of Fisheries is required to approve a sustainability report for each fishery, which includes a clear statement on the harvest level. The sustainable harvest level is that total catch, or catch range, that is to be allocated among the various user groups identified for that particular fishery. These IFM reports will assist in the process of allocating explicit shares in the use of Western Australia’s fish resources. They do not establish the initial allocations for use of fish resources. They are a statement of what is known about those resources and current use patterns. The reports will become a primary, but not exclusive, resource for the Integrated Fisheries Allocation Advisory Committee (IFAAC) when forming their recommendations to the Minister on initial allocations for each fish resource. The Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established IFAAC in October 2004 specifically to advise him on these allocations. The Minister, on consideration of IFAAC’s advice, will then make a determination on the allocations to each sector. This IFM report addresses the western rock lobster resource throughout its range.

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Western rock lobster, Shared stocks, Fishery management, Recreational fishing, Commercial fishing, Panulirus cygnus, Fishery policy, Resource management, Western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus.


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Natural Resource Economics | Population Biology | Sustainability


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