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Fisheries Department Western Australia




In October 1987 an Interim Report was issued to enable the present licence holders, the Licensed Pearl Producers' Association and other who had expressed an interest to the Committee, to consider the interim recommendations and , if necessary, make written comment to the Committee. The Committee considered the comments it received. It now presents its Final Report to the Western Australian Minister for Fisheries, the Hon. Julian Grill and the Federal Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, the Hon. John Kerin. The Committee is recommending that the industry be quota controlled with entry by transfer only. The present licence holders plus new applicants yet to be determined are recommended as the companies to comprise those engaged in the industry. The Committee is also recommending that the north west coast be divided into two sectors - one south of Port Hedland, the other north of Port Hedland to the Northern Territory border. the Northern Sector would be zoned to (a) ensure that the very important Eighty Mile Beach area is protected against overfishing and (b) to allow a number of present licence holders to increase their overall catch by fishing in the areas north of Broome.

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Fishery management, Fishery policy, Pearl fisheries, Pearl oysters, Pearls.


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