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Fisheries Western Australia




In its discussion paper (Fisheries Management Paper No. 139), which was widely distributed and publicized, the working group put forward a range of management proposals for community discussion. These were developed after meeting directly with recreational fishers in key regional centres and receiving feedback from fisheries scientists and managers. The discussion paper attracted widespread comment, with more than 1,200 written submissions received from recreational fishers, angling clubs and other stakeholders. The working group would like to thank all those individuals and organisations that took the time to provide this valuable feedback. It was recognised that some of the most pressing concerns raised during public meetings - and in submissions - related to interaction between the commercial and recreational fishing sectors and how to effectively manage the total catch and, within that, the catch by each sector. The West Coast Recreational Fishing Working Group acknowledged strong public opinion on these issues and recognised the need to take community views into the development of its final recommendations.

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Fishery management. ; Season regulations ; Recreational fishing. ; Western Australia. Fishery regulations, Fishery policy, Surveys, Licences, Size limit regulations, Bag limit regulations, Risk assessment, Fishing impact.


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Environmental Policy | Population Biology


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