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Fisheries Western Australia




The summary of submissions is a record of comments offered in respect to the contet of Fisheries Management Paper No. 108 : Issues affecting Western Australia's inshore crab fishery (the Issues Paper) and submitted by groups or individuals who have an interest in inshore crab fishing activity in this State. Concerns of the respective parties included a percieved decline in recreational crab catches at specific locations; instances of conflict between commerical and recreational crabs fishers in Geographe Bay; concern for the types of gear used to take crabs; a substantial rise in the catch of crabs in the Cockburn Sound Crab Managed Fishery since pots were introduced into it; and, a rising total commercial catach that increased from 218 tonne in 1992 to 427 tonne in 1995.

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Fishery management. ; Western Australia ; Inland fisheries. ; Crab fisheries


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