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Abrohlos Islands Management Advisory Committee




The Abrolhos System is the Houtman Abrolhos Islands and adjoing State Territorial Waters. It is an important part of the Western Australian environment. Has major significance in conservation of flora and fauna and also in geological terms. The waters adjoining State Territorial Waters contain some of the most highly valued marine systems in the State. These include sites of historical shipwrecks in Australia. The are of great interest to visitors and support a relatively small but growing recreation and tourism industy. The area is integral to the Western rock lobster fishery, which is that State's premier primary industries. The Abrolhos Islands Management Advisory Committee was established in 1995 and the role of the Committee is to advise the Minister of Fisheries about the management of the Abrolhos Islands and the adjoining State Territorial Waters, as detailed in Section of this report. The report contains brief descriptions of the Abrolhos System and its special values. It also states goals and objectives for management during the next five years, along with the strategies to achieve these objectives.

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Houtman Abrolhos Islands - Western Australia ; Western Australia ; Environment management. ; Islands


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