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Perth, Western Australia


The Shark Bay Prawn Fishery and Shark Bay Scallop Fishery operate in the same general areas of Shark Bay (although there are some differences in their areas of operation). The interrelationship between trawling activities for the two target species (prawns and scallops) has raised both management challenges and industry conflicts over time. Harvest level settings for each fishery (in the form of effort levels and the timing and/or location of fishing) are independently set, on the basis of recruitment and abundance surveys of each target species. However, each industry sector strongly believes that the interactions between the fisheries arise because of the physical effect of the other fishery’s trawl gear on their particular fishery. Industry conflict has increased to the point where further management innovations have been difficult to achieve in the absence of either an industry consensus position and/or research data, which could shed some light on the real impacts of fishing gear in each fishery. In recent times, the Department of Fisheries has received representations from both sectors about the ongoing interaction of the fisheries and their respective management settings. As a result, a decision was made to comprehensively review the fisheries, taking into account matters of fishery sustainability and gear interactions, together with industry economics and market considerations. The review has also addressed research requirements to ensure an appropriate scientific basis for decision-making into the future.

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Prawn fisheries, Scallop fisheries, Fishery management, Trawl fisheries, Penaeus esculentus, Penaeus latisulcatus, Amusium balloti, Shark Bay, Western Australia


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Natural Resources Management and Policy


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