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Parameter estimation with egg production surveys to estimate snapper, Pagrus auratus, biomass in Shark Bay, Western Australia

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Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics


Print: 1085-7117 Electronic: 1537-2693


Adaptive sampling; Daily egg production method; Nonlinear regression; Nonparametric bootstrapping; Stock assessment


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Marine Biology


Snapper (Pagrusauratus) stocks found inside Shark Bay, Western Australia, are the basis of important recreational fisheries. An evaluation of the daily egg production method for annual snapper stock assessment commenced in 1997. Initial spawning biomass estimates were inconclusive due to wide confidence intervals around egg production in particular. In 1998, more comprehensive surveys were conducted in an effort to improve the accuracy and precision of the estimated parameters. Egg survey design used information on the location of the main spawning areas and spawning times identified in 1997 and employed a systematic stratified adaptive sampling approach. Further refinements to the daily egg production method included use of nonlinear regression and nonparametric bootstrapping techniques. Results are discussed in relation to the precision of parameter estimates, with reference to egg production in particular, and the appropriateness of analytical methods used.



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