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A history of deep tillage in Western Australia, R.J. Jarvis. Biology of root growth in cereals, M.W. Perry. Physics of soil compaction and root grow thin compacted media, A.P. Hamblin. Effects of deep tillage on root growth and wateruse of wheat and lupins, D. Tennant. Nutrition or water - why the response to ripping, W.J. Bowden. Crop response to deep tillage, R.J. Jarvis. Response of crops and pastures to deep tillage, C. Henderson. Soil compaction, deep tillage and root disease, J. Wilson. Deep tillage in farming systems: timing of deep tillage and interactions with rotation and conventional tillage practice, J. Hamblin. Current farmer attitudes to and application of deep cultivation, effects of speed and tillage depth on fuel usage, G Reithmuller. Deep ripping ab application of the eastern wheatbelt farm model, R. Kingwell. An economic analysis of deep tillage, D Abbie. Deep tillage research in eastern Australia, A Ellington.

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Western Australia

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