An empirical model to estimate achievable adoption potential of annual pasture legumes in Western Australian farming systems

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The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society




Perceived Pasture Characteristics, Predicting Pasture Adoption, Technology Characteristics


Agricultural Science | Agronomy and Crop Sciences


In the last two decades, a number of annual pasture legumes have been released in Western Australia. A question frequently raised is whether the adoption of these pastures has been successful or not. In this study, an empirical model was developed to estimate achievable adoption potential of annual pasture legumes for Western Australian farming systems. The model consisted of two components, calculating the averaged annual adoption rate and quantifying the time required to reach the maximum adoption potential of an annual pasture legume. The former was developed using multiple linear regression analysis and the latter with a simple linear regression analysis. The developed model performed well when tested independently for two annual pasture legumes using inputs from two different sources. The model was applied to highlight how it could guide researchers on increasing the achievable adoption potential of annual pasture legumes through improving the pasture characteristics in the selection and/or breeding programme. Although it is intended to be used as a research tool, the model can be of benefit to other stakeholders.



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