Wayne Pluske, Nutrient Management Systems
Bill Bowden, Department of AgricultureFollow
Craig Scanan, Department of Agriculture
Stephen Davies, Department of AgricultureFollow
Chris Gazey, Department of AgricultureFollow
Peter Tozer, Department of Agriculture
Derk Bakker, Department of AgricultureFollow
Louise Barton, University of Western AustraliaFollow
David Gatter, Department of AgricultureFollow
Renee Buck, University of Western Australia
Daniel Murphy, University of Western Australia
Christoph Hinz, University of Western Australia
Bill Porter, Department of Agriculture
Meredith Fairbanks, Department of AgricultureFollow
Nicolyn Short, Department of Agriculture
Ian Foster, Department of AgricultureFollow
James Fisher, Department of AgricultureFollow
Doug Abrecht, Department of AgricultureFollow
Mario D'Antuono, Department of AgricultureFollow
Tracey M. Gianatti, Grower Group Alliance
Paul Carmody, University of Western AustraliaFollow
Frank D'Amden, University of Western Australia
Rick Llewellyn, University of Western Australia
Michael Burton, University of Western Australia
Caroline Peek, Department of Agriculture
Nadine Eva, Department of AgricultureFollow
Chris Carter, Department of AgricultureFollow
Megan Abrahams, Department of AgricultureFollow
Andrew Blake, Department of AgricultureFollow
Paul Blackwell, Department of AgricultureFollow
Sylvian Pottier, Esitpa (France)
Michael Robertson, CSIRO Floreat
Greg Lyle, CSIRO Floreat
Lisa Brennan, CSIRO Brisbane
Tony J. Vyn, Purdue University, USA
Simon Teakle, Landmark
Peter Norris, Agronomy for Profit
Jeff Russell, Department of Agriculture
James Fisher, Department of AgricultureFollow
Roy Murray-Prior, Muresk Institute
Deb Pritchard, Muresk Institute
Mike Collins, ex WANTFAFollow
Greg Hamilton, Department of AgricultureFollow
Rob Hetherington, Department of Agriculture
Andrew Van Burgel, Department of Agriculture
Cliff Spann, Department of Agriculture

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Fertiliser, efficiency and returns, potassium, decision support, soils, crops, nutrition, subsurface acidity, lime, soil, pH, furrows, Ridge seeding, greenhouse gas, global warming, nitrous oxide, grain production, environment, season, soil type, people, variability, precision agriculture, subsoil constraints, risk management, rainfall outlooks, frost, maps, frost risk, minimum temperatures, wheat, optimal sowing time, yield, simulation model, APSIM, seasonal, variability, crop management, grower group, interaction, communication, participation, local farmer group network, local groups, agribusiness trial network, farmer based trials, grower groups, no-till; adoption; glyphosate; weed; information; conservation, economics, phase pastures, shielded sprayer, stocking rate, herbicide resistance, lupin yields, profitability, biserrula, pasture legume, wheat, rotation, economic analysis, STEP, drought, shallow soil, very wide rows, wheat, low sowing rate, canopy temperature, precision agriculture, zone management, yield potential, economics, nutrient requirement, automatic guidance, RTK precision, wheat, row position, phosphorus fertility, nutrient uptake, low rainfall, high productivity farming systems, sustainability, tramlining, Avon Valley, raised beds, salinity, waterlogging, yield mapping, EM38 mapping


This session covers nineteen papers from different authors:


1. Inve$tigating fertili$er inve$tment, Wayne Pluske, Nutrient Management Systems

2. KASM, the potassium in Agricultural System Model,Bill Bowden and Craig Scanlan, DAWA Northam and UWA, School of Earth and Geographical Sciences

3. Long term productivity and economic benefits of subsurface acidity management from surface and subsurface liming, Stephen Davies, Chris Gazey and Peter Tozer, Department of Agriculture

4. Furrow and ridges to prevent waterlogging, Dr Derk Bakker, Department of Agriculture

5. Nitrous oxide emissions from a cropped soil in Western Australia, Louise Barton1, David Gatter2, Renee Buck1, Daniel Murphy1, Christoph Hinz1and Bill Porter2

1School of Earth and Geographical Sciences, The University of Western Australia, 2Department of Agriculture


6. Managing the unmanageable, Bill Bowden Department of Agriculture

7. Review of climate model summaries reported in Department of Agriculture’s Season Outlook, Meredith Fairbanks, Department of Agriculture

8. Mapping the frost risk in Western Australia, Nicolyn Short and Ian Foster, Department of Agriculture

9. .35 kg/ and other myths, James Fisher, Doug Abrecht and Mario D’Antuono, Department of Agriculture

10. Gaining with growers – Lessons from a successful alliance of WA Grower Groups, Tracey M. Gianatti, Grower Group Alliance

11. WA Agribusiness Trial Network Roundup – 2005, Paul Carmody, Local Farmer Group Network, UWA

12. Drivers of no-till adoption, Frank D’Emdenabc, Rick Llewellynabdand Michael Burtonb,aCRC Australian Weed Management; bSchool of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UWA. cDepartment of Agriculture, dCSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Adelaide


13. Maintaining wheat and lupin yields using phase pastures and shielded sprayers to manage increasing herbicide resistance, Caroline Peek, Nadine Eva, Chris Carter and Megan Abrahams, Department of Agriculture

14. Analaysis of a wheat-pasture rotation in the 330mm annual rainfall zone using the STEP model, Andrew Blake and Caroline Peek, Department of Agriculture

15. Response to winter drought by wheat on shallow soil with low seeding rate and wide row spacing, Paul Blackwell1, Sylvain Pottier2and Bill Bowden1 1 Department of Agriculture; 2Esitpa (France)

16. How much yield variation do you need to justify zoning inputs? Michael Robertson and Greg Lyle, CSIRO Floreat, Bill Bowden, Department of Agriculture; Lisa Brennan, CSIRO Brisbane

17. Automatic guidance and wheat row position: On-row versus between-row seeding at various rates of banded P fertilisers, Tony J. Vyn1, Simon Teakle2, Peter Norris3and Paul Blackwell4,1Purdue University, USA; 2Landmark; 3Agronomy for Profit; 4 Department of Agriculture

18. Assessing the sustainability of high production systems (Avon Agricultural Systems Project), Jeff Russell and James Fisher, Department of Agriculture, Roy Murray-Prior and Deb Pritchard, Muresk Institute; Mike Collins, ex WANTFA,

19. The application of precision agriculture techniques to assess the effectiveness of raised beds on saline land in WA, Derk Bakker, Greg Hamilton, Rob Hetherington, Andrew Van Burgel and Cliff Spann, Department of Agriculture


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