Graham Crosbie, Department of AgricultureFollow
Robert Loughman, Department of Agriculture
Collin Wellings, NSW Agriculture
Greg Shea, Department of AgricultureFollow
Simon McKirdy, Plant Health Australia
Neil C. Turner, CSIRO Plant Industry
Brenda Shackley, Department of Agriculture
Wal Anderson, Department of AgricultureFollow
Darshan Sharma, Department of Agriculture
Mohammad Amjad, Department of AgricultureFollow
Steve Penny Jr, Department of Agriculture
Melanie Kupsch, Department of Agriculture
Anne Smith, Department of Agriculture
Veronika Reck, Department of Agriculture
Pam Burgess, Department of AgricultureFollow
Glenda Smith, Department of Agriculture
Elizabeth Tierney, Department of Agriculture
Peter Burges, Department of AgricultureFollow
Moin Salam, Department of Agriculture
Megan Collins, Department of Agriculture
Art Diggle, Department of AgricultureFollow
Blakely Paynter, Department of Agriculture
Roslyn Jetter, Department of Agriculture
Kevin Young, Department of Agriculture
Jocelyn Ball, Department of Agriculture
Natasha Littlewood, Department of Agriculture
Lucy Anderton, Department of AgricultureFollow
Irene Waters, Department of Agriculture
Tim Setter, Department of Agriculture
Jeff Russell, Department of Agriculture
Reg Lance, Department of Agriculture
Chengdao Li, Department of Agriculture
Sue Broughton, Department of AgricultureFollow
Michael Jones, Murdoch University
Grace Zawko, Saturn Biotech Limited
Keith Gregg, Murdoch UniversityFollow
Stephen Loss, Wesfarmers CSBP
Frank Ripper, Wesfarmers CSBP
Ryan Guthrie, Wesfarmers CSBPFollow
Daniel Bell, Wesfarmers CSBP
Patrick Gethin, Wesfarmers CSBPFollow
Narelle Hill, Department of AgricultureFollow
Laurence Caeslake, Wesfarmers Landmark
Vivien Vanstone, Department of Agriculture
Sean Kelly, Department of Agriculture
Helen Hunter, Department of Agriculture
Christopher R. Newman, Department of Agriculture

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Wheat, barley, oats, lupins, market research, quality objectives, quality tests, biscuits, cakes, tempura flour, noodles, dumplings, steamed buns, malt, malting quality, shochu, protein isolates, near infrared reflectance analysis, single kernel characterisation system, image analysis, biotechnology, molecular markers, stripe rust, fungicides, green bridge, Biosecurity, Plant Health Australia (PHA), pest risk assessments, drought escape, drought tolerance, breeding methods, terminal drought, farm profits, infrastructure, farm management, climate change, varieties, agronomy, time of sowing, nitrogen, seed rate, yield, environment, soil, performance, electronic variety guide, Hamelin, Baudin, oaten hay, economics, nutrition, weed control, waterlogging, on-farm research, broadscale testing, marker assisted selection, doubled haploids, molecular biology, gene discovery, gene mapping, chickpea, vegetables, production animals, virology, fungi, nematodes, bacteria, parasitology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, protein profiling, DNA fingerprinting, MALDI-TOF, microsatellites, high-throughput, genetic analysis, plant breeding, quality control, variety identification, genetic selection, crops, sample collection, sample processing, data handling, genetic databases, fertiliser, potash, plant nutrition, cereals, fluid, nitrogen, phosphorus, quality, nematode, management, rotation, resistance, aeration, evaporative cooling, fumigation


This session covers twenty one papers from different authors:


1. Recognising and responding to new market opportunities in the grains industry, Graham Crosbie, Manager, Grain Products Research, Crop Breeding, Plant Industries, Department of Agriculture

2. Stripe rust – where to now for the WA wheat industry? Robert Loughman1, Colin Wellings2 and Greg Shea11Department of Agriculture, 2University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute, Cobbitty (on secondment from NSW Agriculture)

3. Benefits of a Grains Biosecurity Plan, Dr Simon McKirdy, Plant Health Australia, Mr Greg Shea, Department of Agriculture

4. Can we improve the drought tolerance of our crops? Neil C. Turner, CSIRO Plant Industry, Wembley

5. The silence of the lambing, Ross Kingwell, Department of Agriculture


6. Maximising performance of wheat varieties, Brenda Shackley, Wal Anderson, Darshan Sharma, Mohammad Amjad, Steve Penny Jr, Melanie Kupsch, Anne Smith, Veronika Reck, Pam Burgess, Glenda Smith and Elizabeth Tierney, Department of Agriculture

7. Wheat variety performance in wet and dry, Peter Burgess

8. e-VarietyGuide for stripe rust – an updated version (1.02 – 2003), Moin Salam, Megan Collins, Art Diggle and Robert Loughman, Department of Agriculture

9. Baudin and Hamelin – new generation of malting barley developed in Western Australia, Blakely Paynter, Roslyn Jettner and Kevin Young, Department of Agriculture

10. Oaten hay production, Jocelyn Ball, Natasha Littlewood and Lucy Anderton, Department of Agriculture

11. Improving waterlogging tolerance in wheat and barley, Irene Waters and Tim Setter, Department of Agriculture

12. Broadscale variety comparisons featuring new wheat varieties, Jeff Russell, Department of Agriculture, Centre for Cropping Systems


13. Barley improvement in the Western Region – the intergration of biotechnologies, Reg Lance, Chengdao Li and Sue Broughton, Department of Agriculture

14. The Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre – what we are and what we do, Michael Jones, WA State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Murdoch University

15. Protein and DNA methods for variety identification, Dr Grace Zawko, Saturn Biotech Limited

16. The Centre for High-throughput Agricultural Genetic Analysis (CHAGA), Keith Gregg, CHAGA, Murdoch University


17. Potassium – topdressed, drilled or banded? Stephen Loss, Patrick Gethin, Ryan Guthrie, Daniel Bell, Wesfarmers CSBP

18. Liquid phosphorus fertilisers in WA, Stephen Loss, Frank Ripper, Ryan Guthrie, Daniel Bell and Patrick Gethin, Wesfarmers CSBP

19. Wheat nutrition in the high rainfall cropping zone, Narelle Hill1and Laurence Carslake2, 1Department of Agriculture, 2Wesfarmers Landmark


20. Managenent options for root lesion nematode in West Australian cropping systems, Vivien Vanstone, Sean Kelly and Helen Hunter, Department of Agriculture


21. Aeration can profit your grain enterprise, Christopher R. Newman, Department of Agriculture


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