Modelling canola yield for current cultivars and early sowing times in Western Australia

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Conference Proceeding

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System Solutions for Complex Problems: Proceedings of the 20th Australian Agronomy Conference, September 2022

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APSIM-Canola model, validation, flowering, open pollinated, hybrid


Agronomy and Crop Sciences


Time of sowing canola trials, including very early sowings in March, were used to validate the APSIM Canola model for current cultivars and Western Australian conditions. The model satisfactorily simulated flowering dates for a range of sowing dates with RMSE of 6-10 days across cultivars. The RMSE for grain yield was large (400-500 kg/ha), but the general trend of yield decline with delay in sowing was satisfactorily simulated. Simulation for yield was better for open pollinated cultivars than for hybrid cultivars. The model can be used to explore the yield response to sowing times but more work is needed to account for the extended flowering and grain filling period in modern hybrid canola cultivars under favourable spring conditions.