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The 7th International RiverSymposium, Brisbane Australia, Aug 31st – 3rd Sept 2004


BMP audit, land management practices, nutrient budgets, Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary


Environmental Monitoring | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Water Resource Management


Recent funding through the Coastal Catchments Initiative aims to significantly reduce the discharge of nutrients to the waterways of the eutrophic Peel-Harvey catchment. A range of projects within this initiative have been developed, which include activities designed to develop, test and implement point and non-point source best management practices (BMP) for the control of nutrient export, and to audit the current levels of adoption of these practices. Landholders who manage approximately 30% of the catchment area have been interviewed under major BMP themes of fertiliser management, soil amendment, perennial pastures, riparian and water management, revegetation, irrigation management and effluent management. The BMP audit indicates that whilst some management actions are in place, there is significant scope for further works, and therefore gains to be made in improved water quality.