Predicting wheat flowering dates in Western Australia

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Conference Proceeding

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Australian Society of Agronomy 13th Annual Conference 2006: Groundbreaking Stuff

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Perth, WA


Wheat; flowering dates; Flowering Calculator; predicting phenology


Agricultural Science | Agronomy and Crop Sciences


The choice of sowing date and variety is the key to maximising yield potential. Earlier sowing should mean better water use efficiencies and higher yields. Successful adoption of this strategy hinges on matching variety to sowing time to maximise growth and minimise the likelihood of frost damage after flowering, yet avoid the incidence of high temperature events and terminal drought during grain fill. The Flowering Calculator is a tool developed in the mid 1990’s that enables the user to estimate flowering dates and compare the dates relative to risks of frost and high temperature events and the likelihood of experiencing optimum conditions during grain development. Data collected between 2003 and 2005 has been used to update the “Flowering Calculator” to predict the flowering time of current wheat varieties grown in a range of locations and sowing times in Western Australia. Predicted and observed flowering dates are compared and discussed.