Canola sowing time to maximise yield in Western Australia

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Conference Proceeding

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AusCanola 2018 - 20th Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas

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APSIM, crop modelling, optimum sowing window, simulation


Agronomy and Crop Sciences


In the last decade there has been a trend towards earlier sowing of canola by Western Australian farmers. Sowing canola in mid-April has become standard practice in most of the WA cropping zone. This simulation study was designed to determine the optimum sowing window to maximise canola yield for different locations, soil types and canola cultivars in Western Australia. The optimum sowing windows for 24 locations, 3 soil types and 3 canola cultivars were obtained from a computer simulation analysis using the APSIM-Canola model. As a rule of thumb, in low and medium rainfall locations, the optimum sowing period for a medium maturity cultivar is April; and in the high rainfall locations the optimum sowing window spans from early April to mid or late May, depending on location.