Retaining canola seed

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AusCanola 2018 - 20th Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas

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canola, retained seed, generations, hybrid


Agronomy and Crop Sciences


In a series of 11 experiments conducted in the lower rainfall regions of south-western Western Australia we tested the performance of multiple generations of OP TT and hybrid TT seed. We found in most instances OP TT canola out performed hybrid TT canola. We found that compared to commercially supplied Generation 1 hybrid TT seed, Generation 2 and 3 hybrid TT seed produced earlier flowering plants and a higher proportion of male sterile plants. On average Generation 1 hybrid TT seed produced 3% higher yields than Generation 2 seed. The relatively small reduction in yield combined with higher seeding costs of Generation 1 hybrid TT seed resulted in lower financial returns compared to sowing Generation 2 or 3 hybrid TT seed or OP TT seed.