Lupins in the farming system : a survey of production

Document Type

Conference Proceeding

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Conference Title

Proceedings of the Fourth International Lupin Conference, 1986

Place of Publication

Geraldton, Western Australia


Lupins, Phomopisi, Nutritive Vaue, Farming Systems


Agronomy and Crop Sciences


This paper presents results of a survey commissioned by the 3rd International Lupin Conference. It estimates the current and potential areas of Lupin production world-wide. Effects of climatic, edaphic and biological factors on crop production and residual benefits of lupins for following crops in rotation are discussed. Countries which returned results to the international survey: Brazil, Germany, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Ethiopia, India, Poland, Scotland, Canada, France, Israel, Portugal, Spain, USA, Bolivia, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, USSR.


Published for the International Lupin Association by the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

On shelf 05.633.367

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