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G2 Blackspot Manager model to guide field pea sowing for southern Australia in relation to ascochyta blight disease

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Australasian Plant Pathology


Print: 0815-3191 Electronic: 1448-6032


Ascochyta blight, Ascospore shower, Blackspot, disease severity, field pea, field pea sowing guide, G1 Blackspot Manager model, yield loss, Quantitative epidemiology


Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Biosecurity


G2 Blackspot Manager, the second generation (G2) of Blackspot Manager model, predicts disease severity and yield loss in addition to quantified release of seasonal ascospores in relation to ascochyta blight on field pea. The model predicts the disease severity with respect to the expected exposure of field pea crop to ascospores of D. pinodes, with yield loss subsequently related to the disease severity. Both the relationships were developed using published and unpublished data under southern Australian conditions. The model has been used as a decision support tool for developing a field pea sowing guide considering weather-based disease risk and abiotic risk. This paper presents the field pea sowing guide for South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia for the 2010 season and compares it with 2009. The guide is dynamic as the disease severity changes with seasonal weather conditions and is updated weekly starting around mid-April, being delivered principally via the web ( The paper also discusses other means of communicating the guide to the stakeholders of southern Australia.



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