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The Skeleton Weed Program has been funded by Western Australian (WA) growers through the Grains, Seed, and Hay Industry Funding Scheme (GSHIFS) since 2010. During that time, the program has grown, placing a greater emphasis on working with farmers, local coordination, support, and encompassing critical research and development.

The Skeleton Weed Program continues to provide critical assistance to grain growers in the management of skeleton weed through the:

• searching of more than 400,000 ha of land to map infested areas for treatment.

• chemical control of skeleton weed on 10,000 ha of infested land.

• successful eradication of skeleton weed from more than 20,000 ha of paddocks across the wheatbelt.

These operational and support programs have had a significant impact on limiting and slowing the spread of skeleton weed across the wheatbelt, and many grain growing areas remain free of this major crop weed.

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skeleton weed, grain growers, biosecurity


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