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The department was not always such a significant organisation; it came from very small beginnings. However, it has been a major component of the engine which has produced an agricultural industry in a Mediterranean climate zone which is superior to all others operating in this zone. This book is a summary of its work. There are many more fascinating chapters to be recorded of work on specific issues of development, investigation or conservation. I hope they will be written by someone one day. With this in mind the department has decided to put the book on a web page where further chapters can be added by other authors to produce a more complete history. Western Australia's modern agriculture has been built in a little more than 100 years on the foundation of a hard-working and innovative farming community aided by advances in science and engineering. These innovative hard-working men and women established a tradition for innovation and seeking new ideas which has been followed by their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons and great granddaughters who have always been ready to adopt new ideas or innovations.


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In response to need, a history of the Western Australian Department of Agriculture - 1894 to 2008

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