Crustacean Fisheries

Crustacean Fisheries


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This Crustacean fisheries research and management article provides an overview of the production from the world's major crustacean fisheries, their general biology and life history including information on the unusual growth processes of regular replacement of their exoskeleton (or molting) which all crustaceans undergo throughout their life. The effect of environmental influences on growth and related behaviour, general reproductive biology of crustaceans including their fecundity, larval development/behaviour and the difference development strategies between marine and freshwater species are noted. The major fisheries harvesting the three main species groups of crustaceans, that is, marine shrimps and prawns, crabs, and lobsters are listed, together with information on the typical life histories strategies in each group, methods of capture and behaviours which influence catches. An overview of fisheries assessment techniques relevant to crustaceans is also provided, including the specific issues facing crustacean fisheries research, where the age based methods are not possible due to the growth/molting process and the incorporation of climate change impacts in crustacean management practices are scarce. The value of long run data bases and pre-recruit surveys in in these stock assessment processes are noted, with references provided to a number of case studies fisheries where these techniques have been developed and are now used routinely.

Management arrangements relevant to the sustainable harvesting of crustacean stocks are noted and more recent innovations in fishery control systems, including third party certification of some crustacean fisheries is discussed. A bibliography and references are provided to enable users of this resource to access the more recent literature in the field, including a number of publications on the case study fisheries in Western Australia which are available free online.

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Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (Third Edition) - Volume 2



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Crustacean Fisheries