The West Australian settler's guide and farmer's handbook


The West Australian settler's guide and farmer's handbook


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Descriptive Notes on the Agricultural Areas and Crown Lands open for Selection. An enumeration of the productive possibilities of the Golden West.

The publication of this handbook is mentioned in the Bureau's annual report for year ending 30th June 1897. The book is published in four parts `Part 1 contains descriptions of agricultural lands of the colony available for selection. Part 2 deals with the from the time o providing his outfit until he is on the land, ring barking; clearing; fencing; draining; water supply; cultivation of the soil, harvesting, bookkeeping and general health matter. Part 3 deal with indigenous grasses and salt bushes, weeds, poison plants, native and introduced and fodder plants. Part 4 Sheep husbandry. Part 5 Dairying. Part 6 Soils and manures. Part 7 Livestock. Part 8 Common insects pests and beneficial insects of the farmer. Part 9 Breeding rearing and management of poultry. Part 10 is an Appendix and farm recipes. The handbook was published after the success of the Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture.

Although published in separate parts, the work was eventually issued as a single volume. The reviews from the various local newspapers show it to be a popular work and sold across Australia and overseas.

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Bureau of Agriculture


Perth, WA


Rural History, Western Australia, Early farming practices, Rural culture


Other History | Rural Sociology | Women's History


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The West Australian settler's guide and farmer's handbook