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A review of the use of pindone for rabbit control in Western Australia is timely due to increased public concern over the use of this toxin, and because non-target deaths of some native Australian animals have been known to occur following its use. Pindone is one of the first generation indandione anticoagulant rodenticides which were developed in the late 1940' s. The toxicity of anticoagulants arises from their inhibition of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors in the blood. Thus therapeutic administration of vitamin K provides a reliable antidote against anticoagulant poisoning. Pindone is slow acting and works best with repeated small doses. Pindone also has insecticidal and fungicidal properties, and can act as a systemic insecticide (eg. fleas, lice and mosquitoes). The implications of the latter for the main vectors responsible for the transmission of myxomatosis are unknown.

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Department of Agriculture Western Australia


Anticoagulants, Rodenticides, Rabbits, Pindone, Western Australia.


Animal Diseases | Medical Toxicology | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Other Animal Sciences

A review of the anticoagulant pesticide Pindone

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