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Department of Agriculture Western Australia



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Pasture legumes, fodder crop, feed quality, biomass production, saltland-pasture, nutritive-value, water-use, grazing-management, sustainability, herbicide resistance, Pastures from Space, satellite, sheep, profits, Summer-active perennials, whole farm profit, salinity, prime lamb, Grazing oats, ryegrass, intensive grazing, wrappa fencing, ground cover, Guidelines, optimum-nutrition, ewes, condition score-targets


This session covers seven papers from different authors:


1. New annual pastures - quality and quantity for fodder conservation?, Sarah Pugh and Giles Glasson, Department of Agriculture Western Australia

2. Saltland Pastures: Dispelling some Myths, Ed Barrett-Lennard1,3, Hayley Norman2,3, Matt Wilmat2,3, Meir Altman,3, Kelly Pearce2,3, Sally Phelan4, David Masters2,3, 1. Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, 2 CSIRO Livestock Industries, Floreat, WA, 3. CRC for Plant-based Management of Dryland Salinity 4. Saltland Pastures Association

3. Pastures: Putting profit back into sandplain, Nadine Eva, Department of Agriculture Western Australia.

4. Pastures from Space R - Can be used to make profitable strategic and tactical management decisions on farm, Brad Wooldridge, Farmer Wagin WA, Stephen Gherardi, Lucy Anderton, Department of Agriculture Western Australia, Gonzalo Mata, CSIRO Livestock Industries, Wembley, WA

5. Are new farming systems based on perenial pastures in south west Australia more profitable?, P. Sanford, Department of Agriculture Western Australia, J. Young, Farm Systems Analysis, Kojonup WA

6. Sown fodders, rotational grazing and Merinos make money in a drought, Tim Wiley, Department of Agriculture Western Australia, Richard Quinlan, Planfarm, Geraldton

7. Lifetime Wool - The 'best bet' optimum condition score profile for Merino ewes lambing in winter. Chris Oldham, Mike Hyder, Mandy Curnow, Samantha Giles, Department of Agriculture Western Australia, John Young, Farming Systems Analysis Service, Kojonup, Andrew Thompson, DPI Victoria, Hamilton.