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Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

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Vertically integrated, quality assurance, lamb alliance, Dark, Medullated Fibre, Contamination, Hauteur, wool processing prediction, raw wool measurement, Merino superfine wool, price premiums and discounts, fibre properties, future prices, Pollution, nutrient levels, soil and groundwater analysis, fly populations, manure management, Confinement feeding system, Feedlot, profitability, lambs, Market specifications, serial live weight, Mulesing, animal welfare, crutching, genetics, cost, blowfly strike, flystrike, curfew


This session covers eleven papers from different authors; MARKET INFORMATION 1. Crystal Spring - Crystal clear and consistant, Geoff Duddy, Livestock Officer (Sheep & Wool) Yanco, NSW, Brent McLoud, (Product Development Officer) Cowra, NSW, John Sullivan, J.J Dresser and Co (Agent), Woodstock, NSW 2. An overview of Recent Developments in Dark and Medullated Fibre Testing, T.J. Mahar, A. Balasingam, AWTA Ltd 3. Opportunities and Implications for Wool Producers of the TEAM3 Prediction Equations, J.H. Stanton12 K.M.S. Curtis1 , 1Department of Agriculture Western Australia, 2 Curtin University, WA 4. Premiums and Discounts for Fibre Properties in Superfine Wool, Now and in the Future?, K.M.S. Curtis1, P.R. Lamb2, 1 Department of Agriculture Western Australia, 2Lambshift Consulting, Geelong VIC FEEDLOTTING 5. Manure in sheep feedlots: problem or opportunity?, Eliza Dowling, Ned Crossley Department of Agriculture , Western Australia, Surrender Mann, Chemistry Centre (WA), East Perth WA, 6. The State of Lamb Confinement Feeding in WA, Ned Crossley, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia 7. Finishing lambs in a feed lot - Is it profitable?, Lucy Anderton, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia 8. Repeated live weights can mardinally improve prediction of compliance to markey specifications, Mattew Kelly, Andrew Swan, CSIRO livestock industries, Ian McFarland, Department of Agriculture Western Australia. WELFARE 9. Mulesing accreditation - to be or not to be? Di Evans, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia. 10. The Economic and Research Implications of managing Merino Sheep with out Mulesing, K. Bell, Sheep Management and Production Consultants, North Fremantle WA, D. Sackett, Homes Sackett and Associates, Wagga Wagga NSW 11. How do lambs fare during curfew, Dr Robin Jacob, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia