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Department of Agriculture Western Australia



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VIAscan®, lean meat yield, CLA, TVA, fatty acids, lamb, Colour stability, adoption, diffusion, ASHEEP, Producer Group, livestock and pasture management, Lifetime Wool, Certification, sustainable and customer


This session covers seven papers from different authors: CUSTOMER 1. Benefits VIAscanR to producers and WAMMCO, Rob Davidson, Supply Development Manager, David Pethick, School of Veterinary and Biomedical Studies, Murdock University. 2. Healthy fats in lamb: how WA lambs compare with others, C. F. Engelke Animal Biology, University of Western Australia, bCSIRO Livestock Industries, Western Australia B.D. Siebert, Department of Animal Science, University of Adelaide, South Australia, K. Gregg, Centre for High-Throughput Agricultural Genetic Analysis, Murdoch University, Western Australia. A-D.G. Wright CSIRO Livestock Industries, Western Australia, P.E Vercoe Animal Biology, University of Western Australia 3. Shelf life of fresh lamb meat: lamb age & electrical stimulation, Dr Robin Jacob, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia 4. Pastures from space - An evaluation of adoption of by Australian woolgrowers, Russell Barnett, Australian Venture Consultants, Joanne Sneddon, University of Western Australia 5. Your clients can learn from ASHEEP's example, Sandra Brown Department of Agriculture Western Australia 6. Lifetime Wool - Farmers attitudes affect their adoption of recommended ewe management, G. Rose Department of Agriculture Western Australia, C. Kabore, Kazresearch, Lower Templestowe Vic, J. Dart, Clear Horizons, Hastings Vic 7. Sustainable certification of Australian Merino, what will customers be looking for? Stuart Adams, i-merino / iZWool International Pty Ltd