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Lupin Trials 1974 1. Herbicides x Depth of Seeding - There is no evidence of a herbicide x depth of seeding interaction in lupin plant numbers, at either Broomehill or Eradu. The lupin plants on the shallow sown plots were reported to be more effected by herbicides than on the deeper sown plots at Eradu. It is suggested that shallow seeding may be a factor in predisposing lupin crops to simazine damage particularly on sandy soils, however it has not been possible to demonstrate such on effect. 2. Herbicides x Time of Seeding - At two sites (Myrup, Namban) there was a large response in lupin yield to early seeding. At both sites the early sown treatments responded to herbicide treatments. At Chapman the later sown plots gave higher yields. There was a slight response to herbicides at the early time of seeding. The response to herbicides is greater in early sown lupins than in lupins sown into a conventionally prepared seed bed. 3. Herbicide Recommendations - Unchanged from 1974 (see technote 10/74). 74BA2, 74C1,74E1, 74ES2, 73GE3, 74KA1, 74KA2, 74MO5, 74MT1.

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