G C. MacNish

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Grains and field crops


Take-all of cereals. Survey. Summary.

Effect of nitrogen sources on take-all, 76LG25, 77E4, 77MT19, 77LG20.

Take-all nitrogen sources and rates, 78BR2, 78ES8, 78LG4, 78KA6, 78NA5.

Take-all nitrogen sources and rates of sowing, 78ES9, 78KA5, 78NA4.

Take-all, row spacing and rates of nitrogen, 78ES10, 78LG6, 78MT8.

Take-all and N-serve, 78E16

Take-all and root-soil, 78LG3.

Take-all and copper sulphate, 78JE6, 78LG5.

Cleaning crops and take-all control, 76N5, 76M47.

Take-all following cleaning crops 78JE5.

Effect of grass control on take-all, 77JE4.

Long term rotation and take-all, 77ES8.

Take-all build-up on new land, 78JE4.

Take-all build-up and rates of phosphorus on wheat, 78ES30.

Continuous wheat and take-all, 74SG16.

Take-all, mini-fallow and time of sowing, 78E16.

Take-all and hypo-virulent strains, 78LG30.

Control of barley covered smut, 78WH38.

Failed experiments, 77JE3, 78E8.

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Western Australia

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