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Grains and field crops


Trial 90A141

Barley variety tolerance to herbicides.

Location: Gairdner river.

To determine the tolerance of five barley varieties to 19 herbicides and mixtures.

Trial 90AL43

Herbicides for erodium control in serradella.

Location: North Woogenilup.

To determine the efficacy and phytotoxicity of a range of herbicides at varying rates, on erodium in a first year serradella pasture.

Trial 90AL44

Silvergrass control in pasture.

Location: Cheynes Beach Road.

To determine the efficacy of simazine and gramoxone, either tankmixed or individually at varying rates, on silver grass in a clover based pasture.

Trial 90AL45

Pattersons curse control.

To determine which herbicides and at what rates are most effective for pattersons curse control in pasture.

Trial 90AL46

Variegated thistle control.

Location: Mount Barker.

To determine the optimum rates and times of application for six on hormonal herbicides for control of variegated thistle in pasture.

Trial 90AL47

Watsonia control.

Location: Narrikup.

Watsonia is a roadside weed spread by roadmaking machinery. Several new herbicides that are active on kindred plants have been released since the original trial work was conducted. The purpose of this trial is to test these herbicides.

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