L. Cransberg

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Grains and field crops


Trial 85AL56

Location: South Sterlings.

Serradella line evaluation - Stage 3.

To evaluate five promising lines selected from variety trials, in terms of herbage production and long term persistence.

Trial 88AL32

Location: Walpole.
Long season serradella evaluation.

To select productive and persistent serradella lines for the deep acidic sands in the very high rainfall zone on the south coast.

Trial 88AL31

Location: Takalarup.

Ryegrass species evaluation.

To investigate the potential of a range of ryegrasses, from short term to long term perennial, in the south coast environment.

Grass species evaluation

Location: Greenrange.

To identify both productive and persistent grasses for the high rainfall south coastal agricultural areas.

Trial 891MT

Location: Mount Barker Research Station.

The effect of nitrogen on pastures and subsequent sheep production.

To measure the effect of autumn/winter application of nitrogen on. 1) Pasture growth rates and composition. 2) Sheep production using pregnant /lactating ewes.

Trial 86AL71

Evaluation of legume pastures under grazing

Location: Manypeaks.

To evaluate and compare the production characteristics of a serradella, balansa and subterranean clover based pasture, grazed at three stocking regimes.

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