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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases, Grains and field crops


1. Medic variety evaluation

a. Row Evaluation - 88ME122 - Merredin.
This method of assessment was used to test a range of new medic material originating from the South Australian Department of Agriculture.

b. Evaluation of burr medics on Morrel soils. - 88ME84 - Nokaning.

c. Evaluation of burr medics on Whitegum soils. 88ME85 - North Kellerberrin.

d. Evaluation of Santiago in low rainfall areas - 88ME86 - Mukinbudin.

e. Selection of early maturing M. murex. 88SC30 - Merredin.

f. Medic species evaluation - large plots. 88NO88 - Tammin.

g. Medic species evaluation - large plots. 85M43 - Merredin Research Station.

h. Medic species defoliation trial - 84LG34 - North East Pingrup.

i. Medic variety evaluation - large plots 87M73 - Merredin Research Station.

j. M. polymorpha variety evaluation - large plots. 86M65 - Merredin Research Station.

k. Medic variety evaluation - large plots. 85ME49 - Kellerberrin.

2. Serradella Variety Evaluation.

a. Large machine sown plots - new sowings. 88ME88 - Woolocutty.

b. Evaluation of serradella on acid sandplain soils. 88ME90, 88ME92 - South Burracoppin.

c. Saradella variety trial. 87M62 - South Carrabin annexe.

d. Rate and depth of sowing of Serradella. 87M63 - South Carrabin annexe.

3. Pasture Agronomy

a. Establishing burr medic pastures with cereal cover crops. 88M56 - Merredin Research Station

b. Response of medic pasture to gypsum application. 88ME79 - North Bodallin.

c. Effect of sulphur on medic growth - pot trial. 87M91 - Glasshouse, Merredin Research Station.

d. Control of doublegees in medic pasture. 88ME93 - North Kellerberrin.

e. Establishing Serradella under a cereal crop. 87M64 - South Carrabin annexe.

f. Management of Serradella pastures. 87M92 - South Carrabin annexe.

g. Broadleaf herbicide tolerance of Serradella. 88ME94 - North Kellerberin.

h. Control of capeweed and turnip in Serradella pastures. 88M63 - South Carrabin annexe.

4. Rotational Experiments.

a. Sub. clover rotation trial. 82M47 - Merredin Research Station.

b. Maintenance of sub.clover in 1:1 rotations. 82WH39 - Wongan Hills Research Station.

c. Rotational systems for burr medic. 88ME83 - Merredin.

d. Serena grazing trial - Newdegate Research Station.

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