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Grains and field crops


A. Experimental Notes. Barley foliage diseases: B. Scald: Effect of various fungicides. c. Scald: Response of cultivars to fungicides. D. Scald: Effect of seeding rate on infection and yield. E. Scald: Testing of fungicides S3308L. F. Net blotch: Potential yield losses. G. Net blotch: Screening fungicides. H. Spot type net blotch: Simulated stubble retention. I. Spot type net blotch: Potential yield losses. J. Powdery mildew: Effect of simulated stubble retention. K. Powdery mildew: Time of fungicide application. L. Powdery mildew: Comparing fungicides. M. Powdery mildew: Testing fungicide S3308L. N. Powdery mildew: Response to Erex in farmer's crops. o. Disease development and yield in barley cultivars. P. Response to Bayleton in farmer's crops. Q. Disease resistance in stage 4 barley cultivars. Field pea diseases R. Black spot: Seed dressing and spray timing. S. Field Pea disease survey.

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