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Wheat leaf diseases were at much reduced levels in 1984. This may have been caused by prolonged summer rain prematurely setting off dispersal of spores and also initiating microbiological breakdown of stubble residues. No survey was carried out in 1984 but a good indication of the seasonal effect can be gained by noting that in the spray-timing experiment at Badgingarra disease levels were extremely low until the end of August some 90 days after sowing. Timing of fungicide for Septoria and Yellow Spot control. 84BA32, 84GE59. Effect of Yellow-spot at Merredin (with S. Trevenen) 84ME57. Yellow-spot is common though not usually severe on second wheat crops in the Merredin area. Unlike in the Geraldton area the disease is not frequently seen on first crops. Control of stem rust with fungicide on canna wheat at Geraldton, Western Australia. A late epidemic of stem rust (race 21-2,3,7 R.H. Luig pers. comm.) on the very susceptible new variety Canna resulted in large losses on early sown crops in 1984.

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