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The problems of wind erosion in part of the south coast of Western Australian sandplain area were described previously (Gorddard et al, 1981) with 7.3 per cent of cleared and 18.3 per cent of the cropped area showing evidence of sand blasting. Department of Agriculture trials have shown that the loss of the top four millimetres of top soil from pastured paddocks can reduce following crop yields by up to 20 per cent (Marsh and Carter, 1983). Animal production problems associated with wind erosion of soils have not been quantified, but a number of problems such as reduced carrying capacity and nutritional problems are seen as significant throughout the area. Farmer opinion suggests that high grazing pressures are a major contributing factor to wind erosion however Gorddard et al (1981) were unable to identify any empirical relationship between stocking rate, cropping practice and erosion risk.

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Western Australia, Erosion, Soil degradation, South Coastal region (WA), Soil conservation, Cropping systems, Wind erosion, Surveys


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