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This soil survey of the Vasse Research Station properties was carried out at the request of the Division of Plant Production of the Agriculture Western Australia. The survey followed a preliminary examination and mapping of soil series in the area by Mr T. Stoneman in 1982, after which it was concluded that more detailed survey work was required to assist farm management and research experimentation.

The research station consists of two blocks, referred to here as the main block (Sussex Locations 1475, 1439, 2128, 2138, 2137, 2136, 2129, 2130, 2119, 2118, 2126 and 2125) and the hill block (Sussex Locations 3024, 3025 and part of 1864) approximately 12 km due south, and 15 km south-south-east respectively from Busselton. (Figure 1). The main (lowland) portion of the research station is approximately 610 ha in area and the hill block further south covers approximately 160 ha. The country is considered to be representative of much of the inland Swan Coastal Plain and its margin with the Whicher Range between Boyanup and Dunsborough.

The work was conducted using a free survey technique where map unit boundaries and field observation sites were selected on the basis of air photo interpretation. Aerial photos enlarged to scales of 1:10,000 and 1:2000 respectively were used for the main and hill blocks. The final map presented in this report is at a uniform scale of 1:10,000. For those interested in the greater detail provided on the preliminary 1:2000 scale for the hill block map copies may be sought from the Division of Resource Management.

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Soil survey of Vasse Research Station

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