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The study area covers the Tambellup Town and the Jam Creek Catchment (top photograph on cover). The Tambellup Town is located 115 km north of Albany. The town has a population of 360 people (800 in the whole Shire). Tambellup is experiencing increasing salinity problems. Saline groundwater levels are close to the soil surface and cause deterioration of buildings, roads, infrastructure, death of trees and scalding of land including the sporting grounds. Many hectares of land in the Jam Creek Catchment has become salt-affected and salinity is on increase. The objective of this study was to define the present salinity status of the Tambellup Town and develop management strategies to overcome or reduce the severity of salinity. The Catchment Hydrology Group has been asked to study the salinity status of the Tambellup townsite and suggest management options which reverse the increasing salinity trend.

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Salinity, Groundwater, Soil salinity, Saline water, Western Australia, Hydrology, Tambellup (WA), Jam Creek Catchment (WA), Soil degradation


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