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The Weaber Plain, north-east of Kununurra, is one of three "black soil" plains in the Kimberley area of Western Australia. It comprises about 15,000 hectares of irrigable land, part of which is known as Stage 2 of the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA). The area was surveyed in 1977 following a similar survey of the nearby Keep River Plain and preceding a survey of the Ivanhoe Plain, which has since been developed commercially. Map units and soil series used in those reports have also been used for this rep ility in crop selection, preferring high water use crops.


Weaber Plain region (WA), Salinity, Ivanhoe Plain (WA), East Kimberley region (WA), Land use planning, Soil, Mapping, Ord River Irrigation Area (WA), Soil management, Keep River (WA), Mapping units, Soil types, Profiles, Soil surveys, Soil properties, Weaber Range region (WA), Vegetation, Western Australia


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