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Damage to Bluegum (Eucalyptus globulus) tree crops by the Twenty-eight Parrot (Barnardius zonarius) is emerging problem which could threaten the viability of the infant Bluegum industry in south-western Australia. The parrots strip bark from the lead shoot of the Bluegums causing the shoots to break off. Consequently lateral shoots develop resulting in deformed (bent or multi-stem) trees unsuited to harvest and utilisation.Indications that the reason Twenty-eight Parrots strip bark from Bluegum is to obta behaviour' and hence the damage may also develop in areas where it is absent or uncommon now. Currently the zone of worst damage includes around 20% of the total area suitable for Bluegum planting in south-west Australia.There is a 'critical period' for controlling parrot damage. At monitoring sites this was found to start in March of the first year after planting and end around July of the second year after planting.

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Farm forestry, South west region (WA), Bird control, Bird pests, Pests, Agroforestry, Barnardius zonarius, Parrots, Western Australia, Eucalyptus globulus


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