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  • The role of trees in land and stream salinity control in Western Australia (Conference paper: N.J. Schofield, M.A. Ban, D.T. Bell, W.J. Boddington, R.J. George, N.E. Pettit)
  • The role of trees in providing shelter and controlling erosion in the dry temperate and semi-arid southern agricultural areas of Western Australia (Conference paper: D. Bicknell)
  • Management of native woody vegetation on farms in Western Australia (Conference paper: J.P. Pigott)
  • Producing timber from trees - options for farmers in Western Australia (Conference paper: R. Moore)
  • Trees and shrubs as sources of fodder in Western Australia (Conference paper: E.C. Lefroy)
  • Minor forest products in WA (Conference paper: M.A. Scheltema)
  • Conservation, production and planted trees – Conservation are they compatible? (Workshop Paper: J. Bartle and and M.A. Scheltema) Production
  • A method of determining the long term costs and benefits of alternative farm plans (Workshop Paper: A. Kubicki, C. Denby, M. Stevens, A. Haagensen)
  • Trees to control groundwater - some examples from WA (Workshop Paper: P.R. Scott)
  • Looking forward with our feet on the ground (Workshop Paper: G. Bee)
  • Ecological indicators of sustainable agriculture (Workshop Paper: E.C. Lefroy and R.J. Hobbs)
  • There’s more to growing timber than just planting trees (Workshop Paper: R. Moore)
  • Agroforestry systems as a product - selling to the market (Workshop paper - P.R. Scott)

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Fodder plants, Salinity, Shelterbelts, Conferences, Agroforestry, Sustainability, Trees, Timbers, Erosion control, Australia


Prepared for the National Land and Water Resource Audit Dryland Salinity Theme - Project 3


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