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Agriculture and the use of agricultural land is becoming increasingly complex. New, large and diverse demands are being placed daily on our land resources. In addition to agricultural issues such as promoting new crops or farming systems, and releasing Vacant Crown Land to agriculture, there is pressure to subdivide land for hobby farms or urban uses, to conserve land for water catchments, groundwater management, nature conservation, forestry and recreation. Other Government departments are continually demanding land resource data upon which to base planning decisions. All this points to the need for much greater information about the State's Land resources. In addition to the mapped data, we lack a systematic interpretation of the capability of each land unit or soil type to support a particular land use. John Carder and John Grasby have made a significant first step forward in preparing this Framework. While the Atlas still provided the soils base, the Framework brings together more than fifty years of experience in discussing the specific erosion difficulties and management requirements of the individual units. It is hoped that the Framework will provide a valuable overview to eleven Advisory Districts. This overview is expected to be used by new and some not so new staff. The Framework will also serve as a guide to more detailed District assessments.

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Soil degradation, Soil surveys, Soil, Land use, Soil management, Soil conservation, Rainfall


There is a map supplement with a detachable colour key included in this report

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