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Overview of WADA involvement in cropping the Kimberley - McGhie, D.A. WADA

Overview CSIRO Division Tropical Crpos and Pastures - Winter, W.H. CSIRO

An overview of a program for developing a comprehensive crop yield simulation in the tropics - McCown, R. CSIRO

Developing a family of crop models for SA using the CERES framwork - Carberry, P.S. CSIRO

Development of a model of the N cyle of crop-pasture rotations in the semi-arid tropic. - Dimes, J.P., McCowan, R.L. , Saffinga*, P.G. and Myers, R.J. CSIRO

Visual/Interactive CERES Models. - Hargreaves, J. and Carberry, P. CSIRO

The applicability of a Cercospora leaf spot simulation model to control of Cercospora in irrigated peanut crops. - Riley, I.T. WADA

Preliminary results from the Croplands Erosion Research Project (CERP) - Dilshad, M. CCNT

Preliminary results from the Croplands Erosion Research Project, Douglas-Daly - van Cuylenburg, M. CCNT

Progress in reducing the risk of poor emergence. - Abrecht, D.G. CSIRO

The effects of tillage system on soil physical characteristics and crop yield on a Fenton soil in the NT - Dalgliesh, N.P CSIRO

Effect of Tillage, Rotation and Nitrogen on the Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Maize and Soybeans. - Thiagalingam, K., Gould, N. and Watson, P. DPIF

Problems and Potential of Peanut Production in the Northern Territory - Flint, C. DPIF

The Effect of Surface Management on Growth and Yield of Soybean. - Bateman, R., and Berthelsen, J. DPIF

The Effect of Tillage, Rotation and Nitrogen on the Emergence and Establishment of Soybeans from 1984-88 - Gould, N., Thiagalingam,K. and Watson, P. DPIF

Overview of Entomology in the Ord River Irrigation Area - McFadden, P. WADA

Forage Sorghum - Irrigation Scheduling Requirements. - Shackles, R., Ellett, S., and Sherrard, J.H. WADA

Water management of Maize in the ORIA - Sherrard, J.H, Shackles, R. and Ellett, S. WADA

Cropping in the Douglas Daly - 6 years on. - Bateman, R. DPIF

Progress in the Development of Late Maturing Photoperiod Sensitive Mungbeans for the Northern Territory. - Yeates, S. DPIF

Summary - Kenaf/Fibre Crop Investigations in the NT. Sturtz, J. DPIF

Preliminary Investigation of the Presence of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) in a heavy and a light Tippera Soil. - Thiagalingam, K., and Watson, P. DPIF

Development of new crops for irrigated cropping in northern Western Australia. Bonnardeaux, J. WADA

Plantaqo ovata research and commercial developments. Riley, I.T. WADA

Banana Yield Estimation - Dealing with management scale research. Gardiner, H.G.

Evaluation of table grape production in the tropics. - Toohill, B. WADA

Recent developments in grain sorghum breeding. - Done, A. CSIRO

Maize Production in the ORIA. Sherrard, J., Shackles, R., and Ellett, S. WADA

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