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This document has been commissioned by the Sustainable Rural Development Program, Northern Agricultural Region as a service to support effective decision making in this region.

AGSTATS are a product of the AGPLAN project. Each AGSTAT is a summary sheet for local government areas or regions. Each AGSTAT features:

  • Extensive use of graphs and tables for quick and easy communication of information.
  • A brief commentary on features and trends.
  • The Gross Value of Agricultural Production (GVAP), total area of production and number of farms for the area in comparison with the total region.
  • The proportion ofGVAP by commodity.
  • Trends in total GVAP between 1982 and 1997.
  • The GV AP, total area of production and number of farms for the area compared to other local governments in the region.
  • GVAP, area and dollars per hectare for major agricultural activities in the area in 1996/97
  • Trends in GVAP for major commodities between 1982 and 1997.

These two page sheets provide you with quick and easy information about agricultural production in your area which can help you with planning and decision making. These sheets can be produced and tailored to the needs of the user for a fee.

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Agricultural statistics, Western Australia

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