Digital information in the Peel Harvey catchment area


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This paper presents a summary of the main features of the digital mapping data available in the Peel-Harvey Catchment area. This type of information is essential for Geographic Information System (GIS) users to assess projects involving the use of digital data such as plotting of mapped themes, topological overlays, area calculations and reporting.To anybody using computer generated mapping the most important information listed is the source of the digital information and the scale at which it is meant to be used. Many Government Departments Consultants and other agencies provide information and mapping prepared from digital data. This information can be displayed, plotted or interpreted at any scale using a GIS system. As a rule of thumb a digital map is only as accurate as the least detailed theme used in its preparation (as listed under source). For example, 1:25,000 drainage information displayed on 1:50,000 cadastre should be used at 1:50,000 scale, unless further field checks are done (including local knowledge).

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