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This service manual is designed to help you, the user of services provided by the Animal Health Laboratories (AHL), to get the most from the laboratories. If you have questions on any matters relating to the AHL services or sample collection, please telephone us. If you need to contact someone regarding AHL services or are unsure of which samples to collect, contact staff at AHL by consulting the directory of key personnel. The section on ‘General Instructions’ contains information required for packaging and submission of samples to AHL. Other sections contain information on the type of sample required for each laboratory service and associated tests offered by AHL. The detail of Services offered by each laboratory is given in a table, followed by collection notes to assist with submission of specimens. Each table describes the Services offered, the Tests available for each Service, a description of the Sample required, an indication of the test Completion Time (working days) and the Cost (inclusive of GST) for the Service. The Completion Time refers to the number of working days (i.e. excluding weekends and public holidays) required to complete the test under normal circumstances. The availability of each Service at the South Perth and Albany Regional Laboratory is also given.

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