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This report presents the results from soil and landform mapping at a scale of 1:500,000 in the Kukerin, Lake Grace and Nyabing areas of Western Australia. This land resource information has been collected to help improve the decisions made by planners, researchers and land managers. The information can be used at the regional scale, catchment scale and farm level. By improving knowledge of our land resources, more sustainable land uses can be developed within the region. The soil-landscape map of the area covers approximately 515,000 hectares and is included on the accompanying interactive CD-ROM. The map extends from Lake Grace in the north-east through Nyabing to Gnowangerup in the south-west. It includes the towns of Kukerin and Ongerup. The western portion of the survey area falls within the Blackwood River catchment and the eastern portion within the Avon catchment. In the southern portion of the survey area, the Pallinup River drains to the south coast of Western Australia. The Nyabing-Kukerin survey area occurs in the Lake Grace, Narrogin and Katanning advisory districts of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia. Twelve soil-landscape systems have been identified and are represented on the soil-landscape map. Most of these systems have been divided further into subsystems. Descriptions of the main soils, landforms, geology land use and native vegetation of each system are provided on the accompanying CD-ROM. The proportions of main soils and land units occurring within each subsystem are also presented. More than eighty soils are identified in this report with detailed descriptions available on the accompanying CD-ROM. These descriptions include a representative soil profile with chemical and physical analyses where available. The main land management characteristics and the native vegetation are also listed for each soil. The report discusses the soil properties and land degradation hazards associated with each main soil. This gives a broad overview of the capability of the soils. More comprehensive ratings of land qualities, as well as specific land capability assessments and maps are included on the accompanying CD-ROM. Information on land use history, geology and physiography, climate, native vegetation and previous soil surveys are included in the report. These sections provide additional background material about the land resources within the survey area.


Land use planning, Land capability, Soil, Soil surveys, Soil types, Soil properties, Profiles, Maps, Western Australia, Kukerin region (WA), Nyabing region (WA), Lake Grace region (WA), Gnowangerup region (WA)


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Nyabing-Kukerin Soil landscape Map

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