Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Ashley Prout


Water conservation, Water quality, Pollution, Harbours, Erosion control, Runoff, Nutrients, Western Australia, Albany (W.A.)

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Fertiliser, particularly phosphorus, running off farm land is a major source of nutrient entering Albany's harbours. Oyster Harbour, which has a large rural catchment, is especially at risk.

The build-up in nutrients in the harbours has caused nuisance algal growth since the early 1970s and subseuent death of more than half the seagrass beds, which are vital to the areas marine life.

The Department of Agriculture, at the request of the Environmental protection Authority, has developed and promoted catchment management plans that enable rural land holders to reduce the amount of run-off into the harbours without necessarily sacrificing farm productivity.

Industry and Urban sounces of pollution were also targeted. Harbour industries and both the Town and Shire of Albany have to resuce the amount of nutrients reachingthe harbours, Industries such as CSBP, and Southern Processors, are working hard to reduce the impact their effluent has on Princess Royal Harbour.